Jam.dev makes bug reporting as easy as taking a screenshot

Jam.dev makes bug reporting as easy as taking a screenshot

Reporting bugs is a necessary part of software development but can be time-consuming and frustrating. That's where Jam comes in. Jam is a bug-reporting tool that makes it easy to report bugs without disrupting your workflow.

What do you get: With Jam, you can report a bug in seconds by simply taking a screenshot or screen recording. Jam will automatically create a bug report with all the information engineers need to debug the issue, including:

  • Console logs
  • Network requests
  • Browser info
  • Device details
  • Repro steps
  • Comments
  • And more!

Jam also integrates tightly with your favorite issue trackers and tools, so you can share bug reports with your team or send them directly to your favorite issue tracker like Jira, Slack, Linear, Github, and more.

The company reports that the product is used by thousands of teams at companies like Staples, Klarna, T-Mobile, Ramp, and Rippling.

Pricing: Jam offers a Free plan for individuals, for teams the plans start at $10/user/per month. Custom pricing is available for the Enterprise plan.

Funding: According to Crunchbase, Jam has raised a total of $3.5 in seed funding.