Octo AI - Automated AI agent that replaces customer support

Octo AI - Automated AI agent that replaces customer support

Providing a fast and good experience to existing customers is key to customer retention. Pair that with lowering the cost of support can help businesses scale using automation and AI.

Octo AI, a Y Combinator startup has launched an AI agent to replace a customer support agent.

How it works:

  1. The AI agents are trained based on your human agents and can have full 1000-word-long conversations.
  2. It can learn from issues that were solved in the past, read help knowledgebase, access customer data, and take appropriate actions to help the customer.
  3. Take action via APIs to easily connect with the CRM and pull customized data.

Octo AI is launched but you have to join the waitlist. Pricing is not available at the moment and will be based on "pay per ticket resolution" vs. monthly subscription.

Is it funded? Octo AI is a Y Combinator S23 batch startup

Octo - Customer Support Resolution as a Service
Resolve 70% of your support tickets instantly with AI agents that connect to your CRM and operate any API to take actions for customers”