Open source tool Plane launches to take on Jira

Open source tool Plane launches to take on Jira
Open source project management tool Plane

Open source tool Plane launches to take on project management tools like Jira and Linear. Use it to create product roadmaps and manage development issues. It's available both as a SaaS cloud and a self-hosted option.

Why now: Jira has become a standard in most companies for building software. However, dissatisfaction among users has been circulating, giving opportunities to new companies like Linear and Plane.

What else does Plane offer: Plane is offered both on the cloud or can be self-hosted with free and paid plans. It also provides a faster and improved user experience to get started fast.

  • Plane can be used as a basic task-tracking tool or issues can be imported from Jira.
  • It's feature-rich, with custom workflows, and visualization like List, Kanban, and Calendar views.
  • Sprint is Cycles in a Plane which can be any custom period.
  • Roadmaps can be built using modules.
  • Insights provide data like estimates, scopes, and burn-down charts.
  • Beyond that, Plane also offers a document feature called Pages. With Pages, you can take an AI-powered notepad for notes and easily convert them into issues.

How much does it cost: Pricing is not available yet but you can start with a Free $0 plan or sign up for early access for the Pro plan.

Plane - The open source project management tool
Open-source project management tool to manage issues, sprints, and product roadmaps with peace of mind.